The Planet Paragangia

The home planet of the Paragangian people, this planet imploded, and was then later rebuilt by the Paragangian people. It was named after the prophet Paragan, who was inspired to lead the Pre-Paraganian people to this planet, after they had live in space on Space Community ships for many generations. after the implosion, [referred to as the Shattering] the term Paragangia came to refer to the people rather than the planet.

The People of Paragangia

Fully human and able to interbred with all other humans, Paragangians look much like Terrans[earth humans] except:

they are taller, usually about 6.5-7 feet tall

they have entirely black skin and hair

they have slightly cat-like teeth

they have short fur over all their body except face and hands.

they have a greater ability to dream lucidly and to share dreams than most Terrans.

Paragangian Technology

There is no written language. All Paragangians [except for exiles] are linked to a computer-like "Community mind" through which they are connected to all other Paragangians in their community. Paragangian medical technology is so advance that they experience no agin and no illness.

Paragangian Civilization

Post-Shattering Paragangians live primarily in three places:

1- Ship Communities, such as the Marrion Jay, the community of Sen'tran Jenzer. The people who live on these communities call themselves the Spacers Clan, and never lived on the Planet Paragangia. Many of these communities have existed as ongoing societies since before the time of the prophet Paragan. Before the Shattering they considered themselves to be the primary culture, the people of the planet to being merely a colony. The implosion somewhat confirmed this attitude. However, the Spacers Clan was very loyal to the Prophet Paragan, are proud to consider themselves Paragangians, and loyal to Paragangian leaders who are the blood descendants of the original Paragan.

2- Earth Station Mexico [ESM] --a Paragangian refugee settlement build in the form of a Paragangian Space station, but on the surface of the earth. There had been a small spaceport located there before the Shattering, which grew into this large refugee settlement when those who survived the shattering gathered there. THe people of Mexico protested the loss of their land to the Paragangian refugees, and were in exchange given a planet, which had previously been called Blue Destiny, but came to be known as Planet Mexico.

3- Paragangian Home Station [PHS]-about 50 years after the Shattering, Paragagnias lead by a young Terran visionary Named Desmond Harris built a giant space station to replace the lost planet Paragangia. Home Station contains the central Community Mind which again unites the shattered Paragangian Empire into a single people.

There are also a few other remote space stations and colonies which belong to the Empire, as well as a few Exile planets of genetically Paragangian people who have left the empire

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