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Destiny of Dreams, New Start Version Theodaous Persington Is the head of the Anthropology department at KSU in the time of Jason Scott-Harris and Jonathan Landon and Matthias. So far in the story his only appearance is as Matthias's boss when Matthias is hired to assist Jason.

He sponsers Matthias in the pre-Negotiation track, by giving him the assignment to Negotiate for Jason with his students.

Matthias likes to imagine the old man is a sorcerer and he is the sorcerer's apprentice. He wonders what sort of parents would name their son Theodaous. Everyone calls him Persington, or Dr Persington, except for Jonathan who calls him Theo. He is Jonathan's closest friend at the university other than Jason and Gloria. [Oct 2012... and Tasmenae and Sheila]

He's an old guy, and been with the department since he was young. he's slightly fat and has a cane/ walking stick with a claw holding a colorful hand-blown glass ball on the top, and he doesn't seem to really need to for support because he can walk just fine without it. He has shoulder-length white hair and a longish beard, with a waxed up mustach which he likes to twist. He lives alone and is happy alone although he is also very willing to talk with anyone, but life is just a field study to him. he loves fantasy stories, aliens whether real or imagines, different worlds whether real or imagines. he has no dreaming skills but he teaches courses about the anthropology of dreaming, how dreams are used in different cultures. he and Matthias would have very interesting conversations.

He remind me a bit of Gandalf or Dumbledore, I think he aspires slightly to that persona and Matthias sees him as that in his fantasy narration. He wears loose, light colored suit which sort of evoke wizzards robes, at least it the mind of Matthias

Matthias Prequel Pre-NaNo[]

with the addition of this part of the story Persington became a much more sigificent character, as he is a mentor and father figure to Matthias who is the focal character of these added books.

Name Evolution:[]

I'm not sure what the original spelling was, which was the typo, but I was switching between Pershington and Pershington [the name is pronounced Perzhington, but that does not work for an American spelling] i decided I like the look of the softer spelling, Persington, even though it raised the risk people will pronounce it like per-sing-ton. Pers-- as in Persia, not as in Person

when Matthias first meets him, he should pronounce him wrong, having spoke to him only through email prior to that, and they could have an interesting conversation bout the importance and power of names, which would be a good excuse for exposition related to several names of significance in the story]