I've finally decided this is the correct spelling, so I'm making a page with this spelling, I might have another with different spelling, it's been through several, Retro-technology, Retro Technology, etc.

Retrotech for short

this is the subject that Jason Scott-Harris specializes in at KSU and the Course he teaches.

It is a perspective, more a philosophy of life than a feild of study, that in order to truely advance we as human being need to keep returning to simpler more natural ways of life. 

THIs philosophy became very popular at the time of first contact, as the sudden influx of alien technology was intimidating to alot of people. The movement was originated by Jordan Keerigan-Smith who was also one of the people involved in first contact with Paragangians , the creation of the Earth Alliance, and Earth Station Mexico and the Alien studies Department at KSU, 

in the tiem of Jason Scott-Harris it is not a popuar feild of study but becomes slightly re-popularized due to his popularity.

Planet Mexico is a retrotech planet, where the level of technology used is carefully controled by the government, as well as the use of languages other than the planet's native Spanish being forbiden. 

D"zeron is also a retrotech society.

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