a planet of genetically altered Proto-Paragangians

the Rhoisoan people can shape-shift and have telepathic powers. they are genetically unstable and it is very difficult for them to reproduce. many of them seek to move to places where they can get Paragangian medical help to reproduce, and Sen'tran visits the planet now and then to help them. At one point Kai'zen Paragan became the ruler of the planet and was marooned there by Sen'tran. He renamed himself kaizen Rhoisoh

creation and namingEdit

at one point my husband wanted me to name something in the story after him. I needed a name for both the main bad guy and for this planet of the shape-shifting cat people. My husband's favorite pseudonym is Royzo. I changed the spelling because I didn't like the idea of an evil empire named after my husband. I'm going to have the people of Rhoisoh change the spelling back to Royzo after the death of Thearon.

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