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Rhonda Teppin. the wife of Alexandreil Teppin .

He loves her and wants to protect her from Thearon. she is loyal to Thearon and hates Alexandreil and his efforts to protect her and gain her trust

They have one child, Leon

When Jason returns to HomeStation from Terran 8, Thearon steals her Identity and If able to use Alexandreil's love for her to get control of him again and get him to try to attack Harris and Jason on the dream plane. Chathalen intercepts, causing both Alexandreil and Chathalen to be Dream Bound.

He then still in the form of Rhonda attacks Jason and Harris In Desmond's private office which can only be opened by Jason. Believing he is someone Jason knows makes killing him a bit more stressful for Jason, even though Thearon takes his true cat-man form before Jason kills him.

she either dies on Rhoisoh when Thearon dies or is found to be still alive there later after Thearon steals her identity.