Spirit of mud and sand

me and my river of mud and sand

Ruth Patrick is the author of this story and the creator of this Wiki.

also known on various websites as Jadisofeternity, Jadis, JadisRuth, or JoCarmen.

I was born March 17 1961 as Ruth Marguerite Manney in Walnut Creek California.

I have lived in Kansas since 1971, and have always wanted to write stories. I have never been very good at finishing things.

I also often do random art work in many different media and write poetry. Samples of that can be seen on on the four art online communities I belong to:

Jadisofeternity on DeviantArt

Jadis on Storm-artists

[storm no longer exists]

Jadisofeternity on Sheezyart

[sheezy no longer exists]

JoCarmen on Furaffinity

I am Married to Roy Patrick and we have lots of children [His mine and ours] most of whom are grown.

I have a BS degree in Anthropology and Social Science from Kansas State University in Manhattan Kansas. That's why I set bits of this story at KSU and in Manhattan Kansas. The university is my home town.

I'm bi-poar and probably slightly Autistic. So are some of my children. My husband has many physical disabilities.

We are active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints .

EDIT 2018. in April 2018 my eternal companion Roy filed for divorce. At the present time I am still shattered and grieving although for me it was often a very destructive relationship. This traumatic event in my life made devastating changes in my lifestyle and personality and mental health, none of which have resolved yet. it will surely have a huge impact on everything, including this story. how that plays out remains to be seen.