Home town of Suzanne in some verions of the Lynzee's Fountain story.

In other versions the town is called Spring Kansas

The name Sandcreek was later recycled into a story unrelated to the Paragangia universe, as the home town of Aubyn's Skyward Sword Link fan character Lizzy who is the sister of Ghirrahim and the daughter of "the Interlord", who is the ruler of an inter-dimensional world called "the Inter-world". Lizzy was kidnapped from Skyloft, where her mother lives, by some one trying to block the Interlord from Earth, and hidden in a small town called Sandcreek. This is a story Aubyn and I colaborated on for a Nano novel in Nov 2013. It connected also to a story I wrote for Storm Artists community project, which featured an old lady named Aggie whose husband was related to the Interlord. They had a son named Noah and an interdimensional fox freind named Laeo which is short for Galilaeo. Laeo, Noah and the Inter world continued to carry forward in many of Aubyn's fan fiction crossover stories.

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