Old brainstorming files from Dec 2009

Sen’tran discovers Terran 8 and meets Quetzal dec 09

Sen’tran first went to D’zeron about 300-400 years ago, maybe a bit less, when he was fairly young. He met Quetzal (and would call him something different, which would be in the language of Paragnagia, or in the language of the ancients? )

And learned the history of the planet at that time and visited with the ancients in the dream world and learned how to dream travel and visited the civilization of the ancients and learned the history of D’zeron and that they have been kept isolated since the colony arrived, though in the first generation they had some contact with the ancients, and in exchange for this the Ancients set up their technology and culture to some degree, in negotiation with the leader of the colony. Carston’s father becomes part of the colony, and knew a lot of technology.

But when Sentran visits is at least a thousand years later.


Sen’tran agrees he will mediate through Quetzal for the Ancients both with the Paragangians and with the Americans.

soon after the alliance, Sen’tran would help the Americans found the city of Jai-ten just for the Alliance to have an outpost in that part of the galaxy. I need to make details of all other planets within trading distance of Jai-ten. and more about the culture of Jai-ten.

these Ideas recorded in Sept 2010 holes file

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