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The Butterfly Girl

the Weaver of D'zeron , weaving fabric and baskets, as well as weaving together the people as a sort of matchmaker.

The wife of Jason Scott-Harris. They marry soon after he regains consciousness after his arrival in D'zeron.

Mother of Emily Scott-Harris , who is a Chosen One.

Serai becomes a Dream Keeper as soon as she marries Jason because she dream travels into the the Temple in order to consumate their marriage after they are married in the dream plane by Quetz'l [see also  Jason and Serai's Wedding ] the capacity to dream travel qualifies one to become a dream keeper as it is needed to be able to travel to the place of the Ancients under the ocean.

Serai is a teacher of weaving and of raising fiber producing animals such as rabbits, spiders, goats, angora possums, butterflies, etc. Her students are introduced In the oct 2012 Graphic novel version co-written by Aubyn.

Serai's Students