Paragangia Wiki

A group of people who know stuff that's happening that nobody else knows, who work together to restore Paragan and defeat Thearon and things like that.

at times they have been the Shamen Guild or the Shamen Cult or the Shamen Faction.

Sen'tran has a ceremonial function as the Shamen Patriarch of Paragangia. This is a secret Anonymous role, so officially nobody except his close family knows it is him, [Harris addresses him as this, in a private conversation, disrespectfully once] although in reality I'm sure mostly everyone guesses it is him. Except Jason, he's clueless.

Darcy and Matthew who stands at the door belong to this group, as well as Sen'tran and Jo Jenzar. Harris chooses not to. Alexandreil and Jonathan probably did in their youth. Paragan cannot be a Shamen so Alexandreil as Paragan and Desmond as Paragan would not. Desmond as Negotiator and director of the construction of HomeStation might have, after the marraige of Sen'tran and JoSarenae, and before he received an implant and was Identified as the lost Paragan. I'm not sure. It is a neglected detail.

Aparently after I wrote that, I determined that Sentran's brother Re' Jenzar would be the leader of the Shamen Guild. the "shamen KIng". this is written in the notes and inspirations section.