Sharae is the Girlfriend and later wife of Carston Hawthorn .

She looks exactly like Emily Hawthorn except she has red hair.

She comes to Earth Station Mexico because her father, who has been out exploring the Galaxy helping set up a network of JumpGates , returns to the station shortly after Carston receives the guitar which starts him off on his time traveling adventure. He sees her arriving when he goes to the arrival depot to meet Grace who is also arriving at that time, and it's love at first sight.

Sharae may be related to Savoy and Savoy Jr who appear in the Human Sacrifice story.

the original aim of Carston's time travel was to prevent the creation of Gaia/Leviathan by preventing the creation of Leviathan. Sharae gets lost in the past as a result of one of Casrton's reckless time traveling adventures. He spends his life looking for her, eventually learning that she was assimilated by Leviathan, because she was mistaken for Emily Hawthorn at the time of Leviathan's creation.

After that he spends his life trying to find a way to rescue her from Gaia, which in the end he does, or feels he does, [as Zenneth ] by creating all the conditions which lead to Emily Scott-Harris who defeats Gaia by taking control of Leviathan from him.

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