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SUzannes room mate at the beginning of the Lynzee's Fountain Story

an excerpt about her from jordan and suzanne notes 2010

.... there are a few who actively try to get her involved with boys [or girls] who are not Christians. One of these was her room mate Shelly [Michele Carver], but by the end of the semester, after the bad experience she had with the boy from Bible study, Shelly becomes more supportive of her, though Shelly still has her own beliefs she comes to understand Suzannes, and they decide to move in to an apartment together for the summer. so, Shelly, who spends many of her weekends out drinking, and often spends the night at her boyfreind’s house, is her roommate. Shelly is sort of goth/punk/dresses like a rockstar/whatever…loves tattoos and peircings, tries to get Suzanne to get one. nobody knows what color her hair would be if it were not some different odd, bright color every month or so. She sews most of her own clothes, and Suzanne sews also so this is something they do together, and they respect eachother’s values.

So when Shelly meets Jordan, she will be concerned for her "Suzy Q", as she calls her, because she knows Lynzee and Lynzee has a reputation around town among the people she hangs out with…the artistic types…Lynzee is bisexual and not at all reluctant to have some fun with the college girls. I’m not sure if Shelly will warn Suz, she might drop hints, which Suzanne will not understand until she is actually sharing a room in a hotel with Lynzee.