Ship Communities are large space ships which contain a small town of about 200-2,000 Spacers . The people who live in the are all one family for example the inhabitants of the Marrion Jay are the Jenzar Family, although it may include distant relatives such as Anton who is not a Jenzar but is a relative of Sen'tran Jenzar 's wife.

when the community gets too large the older children of the Patriarch leave and form their own separate community retaining the same name and family affiliation. there are quite a few other Jenzar Ship Communities although none of them appear in the story there are also many Harridaen Communities, which is the family of Anton and of Jo Jenzar . these are the only two Spacer families specifically named in the story although there may be other families.

These Spacer families were for a long time also referred to as Clans and were originally named Factions, but I am going to change the name of them to just families.

the Jenzar ship communities are used for long range travel, often assigned to a particular route for example the Marrion Jay travels to the farthest point of the Earth Alliance galaxy which is Terran 8 and Planet Rhoisoh . the Harridaen Ships do exploration and build space stations and jumpgates.

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