When I was a graduate student in English at KSU I took a creative writing Fiction class from a teacher I really didn't see eye to eye with and I wrote a short story called Snow Angel which she hated. class version of Snow Angel story

I had to re-write it for the class, and as one of the workshop suggestions was to make the Protagonist Suzanne have an affair with her anthropology professor. this seemed highly unlikely since her anthropology professor was Jason Scott-Harris borrowed from Destiny of Dreams , and he definitely would not have an affair with one of his students. but just to see I sat them down together at a campus cafe. I couldn't even get them to have a decent conversation much less an affair, so I made a few changes to Jason's personality and story and appearance and renamed him Jordan Keerigan-Smith. The rewrite was called Lynzee's Fountain, and it killed me to do it because I knew if I re-wrote that it would turn into a huge series and I's be suck rewriting it for the rest of my live just like Destiny of Dreams.

This is why I say Jordan is a clone of Jason.

The basic story was Suzanne went home for Christmas after taking Jason's anthropology class and started realizing how hypocritical her Christian family was and got a bit depressed about it so to make herself feel better she goes for a walk in the snow in the middle of the night saves a little boy on a sled from getting run over by a truck and meets a drunk named Lonnie who is so inspired by her he sobers up, paints a picture of her, becomes a successful artist and 3 years later he dies in a cliff-diving accident in Mexico , living out his favorite saying which was "there are angels watching over us and we should never be afraid to fly"

I still like that Snow Angel story, even though everyone else hated it. I still think doing the re-write for class was a very bad Idea. But so was the whole graduate school adventure.

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