edit: in an earlier version, Suzanne's home town was called Sandcreek Kansas . in the Oct 2012 version, I returned the town to the earlier name just because It has a better rhythm.

Fictional small town in Kansas . Hometown of Suzanne Patton in the Lynzee's Fountain series. I tried really hard to not make the name too close to any real Kansas town. The town was entirely based on St. George Kansas , where I live, In fact I had very specific houses and hills and intersections in mind when I wrote the Snow Angel story, although the orientation of the hills would have to be changes slightly, and I think they seemed larger in the story than in actual St. George, Spring is a clone of St George to about the degree that JOrdan Keerigan-Smith is a clone of Jason Scott-Harris.

Spring is also supposed to be several hours drive from KSU , so I think it might be over near Gas Kansas down in the south east corner of the state. Is that area hilly? I'm not sure I've never been there. I think it might be hillier than St George. and remote enough that not many people would know if I got it all wrong.

When I read Stephen King's Dark Tower books, I loved the part which took place in Topeka. other than that, the book that part was in was not my favorite part of the series, but Topeka made it entertaining.

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