I live in St. George Kansas. it's a nice little town of a few hundred people with not much else in terms of development. Down town consists of a bar a post office and a city office. we have a cafe building which has a cafe for a few months every few years and then goes out of business again. We have a creek named Black Jack Creek and a spring tank, named Black Jack Spring. the spring is our most significant claim to fame, historically.

The rail road runs along the edge of town down by the river.

We also have a launching ramp onto the Kansas River named "Boggs Landing" named after my across the street neighbor Charlie who was mayor at the time the ramp was built. That might even be more important than the spring tank now.

My son Neil rebuilt the spring tank for His Eagle Scout project.

My favorite place in town is the creek or the river, I'm not sure which.

We also have a Baptist church and a Methodist Church. the LDS church is only about 5 minutes out of town though. It's closer to us than to the town the ward is named after, Wamego.

And we have one of the largest Elementary schools In Kansas.

The small Kansas town Spring Kansas[aka Sandcreek Kansas ] in Lynzee's Fountain and Snow Angel is loosely based on St. George.

note: as of April 2017 I do not live in St George, though I still own land there and may return when I can afford to build a home.

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