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Character Evolution:[]

Harris Jenzar is a star wars fan, because in the first thing I wrote of them, He called Jason "Jedi Jason." in his initial creation he was inspired by scotty on Star Trek and Han Solo. the name Harris is derived from Harrison Ford who played Han Solo, I have always loved that name. I like the Character of Han Solo and I like the actor also, but I don't think jason was much influenced by indiana Jones....more my my own exeriences as an anthropology student.

Once I realized Harris was a Star Wars fan, he started building Star Wars toys because that's what Star Wars would inspire in a guy like Harris. So he has a fully functional light saber, and Sylvia was inspired by someone from start wars, and resembles that one.

However, it is not Harris's Idea to make the twins Luke and Laia, Chathalen decides that based on things Harris has told him about the movies.

Star Wars In my life[]

the first two star wars movies actually had a big impact on my spiritual development, with their presentation of the idea of the Force. It was the contemplation of this concept from the movies which lead me in due time from atheism to agnosticism to something like deism and in the end to Christianity and Mormonism.

SO, as weird and wacky as it might superficially seem to insert this random moving into this story, it deserves this place.