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student of Jason Scott-Harris

Mother of Sheila and Matthias's black skinned son

wife of Matthias Daniels

Taz and Matthias.jpg

Taz , aka Tazmenae Blackburn, is a 33 year old undergraduate student in Jason Scott-Harris's Retrotechnology class the semester Matthias starts as Jason's Assistant.

She and Matthias are genetically predisposed to seduce eachother and so they do, basically. Taz is a very morally corrupt persona and causes Matthias lots of trouble, gets him in much trouble, but in the end they are good together.

Taz has a 6 year old Daughter named Sheila whom Matthias loves almost more than Taz, if that's possible.

Taz and Matthias are of both Moonlight Oasis and Paragangian descendent and thus genetically pre-disposed to be attracted to the scent of eachother and be able to smell eachother from a distance of about 2 blocks away.[some Monlight prostitutes were bred to be particularly attractive to Paragangians]

Her mother was a prostitute, at ESM --half Paragangian, her father [unknown anonymous paying customer] was [genetically] from Moonlight Oasis.

In the Matthias Prequel Pre-NaNo story, 2013 verion, Taz hates Christmas because of a tramatic event which happened on Christmas when she was young. Matthias helps her overcome this. 

Taz and her kids at church.jpg

also in that story, Matthias and Taz conceive a child, who turns out to have black skin like a Paragangian. this boy is about the same age as Emily Scott-Harris .

Taz will finally agree to marry Matthias before this child is born.

Taz will join the LDS church shortly after her child is born, probably under the influence of Gloria Scott , who, when Jason leaves, sort of adopted Matthias, and Taz's Daughter Sheila . Matthias might not join the church for wahile after Taz does. THis haowever will not take place in the book about them, it will jsut be a bit of a side story in one of the later Destiny of dreams books, the one in which Hope Scott-Harris is born. 

Darcy is an important figure in Taz's early life, as he was an important figure at ESM durring the time she was growing up there, and he would be carefully keeping track of all people there of Moonlight oasis descent, because he is trying to protect them from Thearon /protect others from them if they are under the influence of THearon