Paragangia Wiki

The planet on which D'zeron and Jai-Ten are located, as well as the Ancients.

Has two moons, Lurrin and Aissis . Lurrin, the yellow moon, is a regular moon very much like the moon of Earth.

Aissis, "the blue moon of destiny and dreams" is not really a moon but a small strange planet made of something like Dream Stone or Blue Stone. he is blue, and controls the dream field of the planet to some degree. She does not circle the planet, but is on the night side at all times, or no matter which continent you are on she rises in the evening and sets as the sun rises.

The planet of the Proto-Paragangian race referred to as "Ancients "

The original inhabitants of the planet divided themselves into two groups: the Anchients lived on the coastlines and built under the water and the Proto-Paragangians move into the mountains and built up into space. Proto-Paragangians were more technological and more ambitious. In due time, they destroyed almost all the land from the surface of the planet. the Ancients remained on the planet unharmed, withdrawing to their undersea civilizations, maintaining only one small stronghold on the land--the Ancient Forest . Proto-Paragangian Spacers took to living in ShipCommunities similar to the Marrion Jay .

The planet was Rediscovered by Sen'tran Jenzar and Kaizen, a member of the Paragan clan who was rebelious and power hungry and was sent away with Sen'tran because Sen'tran thought he could help him overcome his evil Ideals. Kaizen later took over a proto-Paragangian planet called Rhoisoh, and changed his name to Kaizen Rhoisoh.