Father of Chathalen

Son of Jonathan Landon and the Dreaamkeeper Sharra

Half [step] brother of Jason Scott-Harris

tein brother of Lenn

Tersh had extreem dream skills, which were developed by dreaming with sentran and Jonathan and perhaps ALexandreil before he was born. he was also colsely dream bonded with his brother Lenn who was then dreambound shortly after his birth, and all Lenns dream bonds were severed when he was restored to physical life by the ancheints. Tersh never forgot Lann and spent his life serachong for his lost twin brother. 

he had total disregaurd for the rules and social expectations of D'zeron regarding marriage and dreaming. D'neira constantly struggles to keep him under control, but as she cannot walk the wind, she has little power of his dream travels. 

at a young age he marries a woman who has extreem dream skills but is not of the dream keeper line...similar in this respect to Serai except she is also socially rebelious like Tersh. together the illegally explore the dream world searching for Lenn. eventually [when Chathalen is very young] she takes herself so far into forbidden territories [probably to the undersea wolrd of the anchients] that she also is severed from her dream ties and presumed dead. of course Tersh never considers her dead and goes on seeking her as he sought his brother. 

Her potential return will be played down entirely untill long after the time of the destiny of dream sereis, but when chatalen returns dreambound to Terran 8 he might be reunited with his mother there. and she therefore could be a major figure in the story of Shae Thaleiln.tersh might also be reunited with her at that time, and finally be allowed to travel to the place of the ANchients.

I dont remeber her name but she has one somewhere, I'll try to find it and record it here sometime.

When ALlissa is 4 Tersh burns down the house where he lived with her, in effort to help CHathalen complete his mourning and move on. this sends CHathalen into a period of depression and withdrawl from which Allissa, who meets him at this time, helps him recover. ALissia and Tersh become very close freinds at this time and remain close. 

in the next generation Tersh helps raise Luke and Laia, Luke has great respect for his grandfather. 

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