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Greetings, whoever may wander in here.

I created this Wiki winter of 2011/2012 to learn how wikis work so that I could better help with the several Generator Rex wiki's I was contributing to.

I realized this could be a functional way to organize, preserve and share the story I continually write, but never expect to perfect enough for traditional publication. Eventually, I might self-publish just for the thrill of seeing it on paper. For now, this wiki gives it enough of an objective existence outside my head that my need to create this story is satisfied.

This WIki, as this story, is and will always be a work in progress.

Edit Feb 8 2012: emails tell me this wiki will be put up for adoption if I don't edit more often. Busy with real life things.

Edit July 2012: I keep getting those adoption emails. Something which exists only in my head couldn't easily be adopted by someone else. It would be quite interesting if someone were interested enough to try to take over.The story grows and evolves in my mind, even though I have no time for writing. When I finally have time. I will write more well and quickly because I am creating now even though that act of creation has no physical manifestation. I will try to post monthly updates at the beginning of each month to ptovide a record of the evolution of the story.

Edit September 18 2012: Not updating every month. Editing now and then. No more adoption threats. I will still update sometimes for a progress record. I will reduce and paraphrase earlier updates. I love this wiki. Paragangia lives. This is the perfect habitat for it to thrive and grow. If I lose everything an become homeless with nothing [which could happen the way things are going], I will not lose this, as I can go to the library and log on here. That makes me happy. Organizing old files and pictures here inspires me to create, both to draw and to write. Paragangia lives.

Edit Feb 2014: After that time I talked to someone who advized me not to lose rights to the story and that caused me to back off for a time. I also started updating the blog instead of the profile. As of now, I've decided I still want to publish things, but this story is not for publications. Cancer that it is, it needs to be free.  Currently I have plans to start posting complete texts of the most recent version of each part of the story here. I still want to publish History of Paragangia as a book eventually, and the first book of Destiny of Dreams, perhaps as a graphic novel. But I don't want to sell it to a comercial publishing company. I'll publish it myself, and if only 5 people read it I'm ok with that. 

And i probably do know 5 people who would read it if it was a book.

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