February 10 2014

I have gone back to the feeling that this story should never be published commercially. I should publish something commercially but not this story or any part of this story. this story ought to grow as it is and be published here on this wiki as a collection of links to backstory. Bits of it could be also published as a book. if I ever complete any book length and quality part I could just as well self-publish it either as a physical book or as a ebook.

The fact is I'm not Scott and what works for him isn't what works for me. Holding back sharing so I can be sold by someone else later is not what my writing is about.

I want to actually post the whole book on the WIKI. and make links to the time line to organize it, and take full advantage of the structure of the wiki to be able to present the story more effectively that way.  

HOWEVER I do still want to write things for publication. other things. nothing from this universe. Paragangia wiki will always be my main work, my primary creation, but I could easily still create and publish other smaller things. things that would never see the light of day if any part of Paragangia Got published commercially and had any degree of success.

The purpose of this wiki was to prevent this project from consuming me. It can still do that.  

February 7 2014

I have gone through and read all the files of my HIstory of Paragangia story, I took some notes along the way of things I need to work on in this. 

there is alot of backstory needed, so I decided that main thing I need to do to take this story forward, the most productive investment of my time for this next period of writing, will be to complete the timeline, and so I now officially begin the...

2014 Time Line Project

I'm debating whether to put a link to it on the front page. there is a random page called Time lines which I might combine with the TIme lines project. 

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