the past few months I have hardly been online and I ahve not been writing. but the story goes on developing in my mind, and my skills at writing and story creation keep improving. I look forward to the time when I ahve time to sit down and write down all that has grown in my mind. I can't imagine when that time will come, 

it is summer and I am gardening, spending time with my children grandchildren and parents, working on home repair and improvement projects, and starting a vending business called Green Pheonix Creations, and planning to home school my duaghter in the fall. 

since I created this website, I feel much less urgancy about writing this story, which is a good thing. even if this website is deleted--which I often supose might happen, since this is not what WIkia ias really intended to be used for--even if it disapears, i feel better having put it out there, so that it has had the chance to exist in some for outside my mind. 

I had intentions of trying to finish History of Paragangia rnough to seek publication this year. I ahve not worked on it because of everything else, and do not forsee having time in the fall since I will be home Schooling. Yet I still feel I should try to make good on that commitment I made to myself to move towards publication on this story. 

if It is GOd's will, I will manage to find the time in Due time.

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