January 22 2013

I tried to work on Matthias and Taz this week. I have broken it down into three "parts" representing time periods. I am going to write each of those in sort of NaNo novel style jsut to get some more completed material out on this story. 

Part one is called Matthias and Sammy, and covers the time from when Matthias discovers dreaming to the time he leaves for KSU

Part two is called Matthias and Jason and covers the time from when He arrives in Manhattan to the time he begains as Jason's assistant.

Part three is called Matthias and Taz, and goes from when he meets her in his capacity as Jason's assistant to the time they get married [he has been stalking her for awhile and knows she is SHeila's mother prior to this]

That's the end of the book. In theoretial part 4 it overlaps back into the Destiny of Dreams series when Jason returns. 

I alternate between feeling this book is really great and important, and feeling this book is stupid and pointless and inappropriate. 

January 16---December is a terrible time for writing because of the holidays. I hate the holidays. 

I got a new computer and a new drawing tablet. It's taking me awhile to get used to the new equipment. We have also been overly busy because we have been cleaning out our basement to rent it out to a freind from church. That cleaning project will probably continue to keep me away from writing for another month or so. Very frustrating. 

Theoretically, having completed my NaNo novel, I planned to spend december, January and February getting a complet rough draft written of that story. In early December I worked a little on History of Paragangia, and on Matthias and Taz, but the holidays and house keeping ended all that.  I am still planning to get back on track, and hoping to complete a rough draft of History of Paragangia, Matthias and Taz, and of Lynzee's fountain [book one] durring the year 2013.

Thinking about writing for publication has made me a bit nervous about putting things on here, so I am not at this point putting any more details of the ones I am planning to finish on to the wiki. I'm not entirely happy with that choice though.- 

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