January 31 2014

I have been working on History of Paragangia. It annoys me because it is a mental love story with very little action, and in a sense is just one long missionary discussion disguised as a love story. But more than that it annoys me because it is so very badly written and so incomplete. 

I do see positive potential it it but it is very far from realizing that potential. I figure it will take me at least two years at this point to complete the story to the point where I can start correcting the writing style and start to really feel good about this object of my creation. 

I figured that by comparing the number of chapters in the book currently to the number of weeks in a year. I figure I could do about one chapter per week if I really dedicated myself. I doubt I will actually be able to put that much time into it in the coming year, though. I'm too overcommitted with Cosplay and home school and house work and gardening and missionary work and such.

I read a book called the Alchemist. I learned something from it about how to write this story. I learn from everything, but some bits I learn stand out more than others.

[mid january?] Months have passed since my last update. I have done some writing and drawing, but not as much as I wish. 

AUbyn and I began a script for a graphic novel version, which has evolved into mostly a story about Serai and her students taking place durring the time immediately following Jason's unconscious arrival in D'zeron , while the students are left mostly on their own while Serai is busy helping take care of Jason. 

as one of my 2014 goals pertaining to writing, I have decided to chose one story from this series to focus my efforts on in the comming year, seeking to fully complete that one. the one I have choasen, again, is History of Paragangia

at any given time in the year if I feel strongly inspired to some other story, I will follow my inspiration, but when I'm not strongly inspired, I will always return to this one place, so that I do not wander at random. 

a few days ago I realized that Sen'tran Jenzar , due to his internalized medical technology, is a shape shifter. Although he would rarely manifest this power I am very excited about the possibilities. 

for my Nano novel this year I was going to work on an unrelated story, but instead ended up helping Aubyn with her first Nano and having no time for my own. 

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