Many things have happened since my last update, which have kept me overly busy on real life things, and without any time to write, so I have not sat down at the computer to wrtie anything. I have done a few minot art projects related to the story, I thave thought about things as things come up in daily lif, but the story has not uncommon for me this time of year. 

I'm constantly looking forward to a time when i will have time to write again, or will take time to write again. I've come to the awareness that it truely would be within my power to just drop all else and write. I could let my garden die, my chickens really only take a few minutes each day, my housework never gets caught up anyhow, my family doesn't want to learn and grow and would enjoy being left alone to veg and entertain themselves while I withdrew to the office and didn't come out for a month or so. it wouldnt really be the end of the world if storm artist didnt have monthly art jams, even if it meant the site completely died due to lack of activity. 

I dont feel inspired to enact that power at the moment. I do want the house in a bit better order, I do want to finsih the dress for Aubyn to wear at Hayley's wedding, I do want to help Roy with his recovery from narcotic adiction, I do want to do my calling as a visiting teacher and a branch missionary, I do want to keep my garden alive atleast more or less.

This story, as well as this wiki, is in GOds hands, like everything else. if he needs it to live and prosper it will, if He needs it to fade away there would be nothing in my power to stop it. 

I beleive this is still an important part of who I am and the time will come when I can indulge in it again more fully.

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