two years after the atrocity of divorce, I am still shattered. I have still not been able to return to this story but it goes on developing in the background of my mind. I have matured --or perhaps just gotten old--through the devistation of this disaster I am still enduring. when I return to this story if I am ever able to do so, it will have much more depth and clearity than the former versions. 

I am working in a factory. It is mindless work for the most part so It might leave me time to ponder while working, and I might work on the story then. I've been pondering it, anyhow

I look back on what I ahve posted here and it looks all very shabby and shallow, almost shamefully so, but I am not ashamed. it was part of the proccess, part of the journey and it had it's place and was good for what it was. 

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