I haven't been writing much or online much because I am dealing with foundational problems that I want to get cleared up before I get back to writing so that when I do turn my attention back to writing I will be able to give it my full attention. I'm putting my life in order. 

I supose paragangia wiki forms a part of my hoarding, but I think also it was a way of making order-- things with a place, things in place, rather than just a random stash of stuff. 

when I get back to writing, I intend to organize things both here and on my computer, get rid of alot of old things which are not historically significant, reduce duplication, and then go forward in a much more focused way. 

it will [for me, being currently the only audiance of this]be woth the wait. I'm looking forward to being able to do that.

I've been looking into finding a computer program which will do NOT online the same sort of organization I can do here, making links and red links and pages that grow from red links, and all that good stuff that I love on WIkia. even if I find that, though, I think this is still worth maintaining and growing. that will just help me keep this in more of a finished form because the really rough stuff can be kept off line.

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