November 28 2012, Yesterday I submitted a file with over 57000 words for the win. Feeling really great about this accomplishment, even though I still need to work on the story a lot more.

November 15, halfway through NaNo I have over 30,000 words but only about 18 of 60 scenes which need to be included for this story to be complete.

I'm at a stuck point on the story, in that I'm up against the LDS part and the doctrine and policy parts don't add up...It doesn't make sense for Desmond to be excommunicated for becoming Paragangian, but he might perceive it that way, since aliens are not yet allowed to join the church in his time. I guess if He was speaking out against the church policy against aliens publicly he could be excommunicated for that. I remember some General authority being released for speaking publicly for the rights of Native americans in the church, because he was supposed to represent God to the world, not his people to God. It's a humility issue. Desmond doesn't learn humility until he is faced with Dying and leaving behind his wife and unborn child who will be cursed with the same destiny that brought him to that place.

instead of writing more words this morning I have written the whole outline of the prequel basically [on paper with pen] in order to know what need to be known for this part to be written. I'm ahead on word count so I can afford time out for planning. November 3 2012

"tis the birth month of Destiny of Dreams, so I must write NaNo novels.

History of Paragangia is going well, more than 7,000 words of really bad repetative wordy dialogue so far. I'm feeling pretty good about it. What more can be said for a NaNo story?

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