I've concluded that this wiki is the idea media for this story, the random linking of Ideas is exactly how this story is created, so it fits this media perfectly. I think when this wiki is completed, not that it ever will be, I will have no desire to write any books of this story.

I come here and edit this at random to relax. It is one of the few things I do which are purely relaxing, though I also enjoy drawing, and stringing beads.

my life is stressful and I am working very hard all the time, on spiritual and personal quests which are all in my mind, not having much if any physical manifestation. learning things, healing relationship, seeking order and organization.

I need a break. I am grateful to have this one thing which I can truly relax and enjoy without stress.

I have drawn a few new sketches but I have not scanned them yet.

I've had many new story Ideas but no time to write. I long for and do not expect in the near future time to just write. This is not a healthy lifestyle, and I am striving to find a way to repent of it.

Angie and Rodrick are moving to KC this week,and Aubyn starting back to school so that may leave me with a little more time. My garden has gone into the harvest stage.

On the other hand, we have just got out new Wamego branch building and doubled our membership through the splitting of Manhattan second ward, and my callings are keeping me very busy for a time.

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