September 26, 2013

since my last update, I have started my craft selling business, Green Phoenix Creations , have started home schooling my duaghter, my husband has had a bunch of new medical problems and the dogs have had 5 puppies. 

as an author, I have hoped for more time to write and not gotten it. I have thought much about the story and written only very little, but I am still going forward slowly gradually filling in holes as I have time now and then. most recently I have began a new edition of the first Jason Scott-Harris part of Destiny of Dreams , based off the version which was called the New Start Version . the current version is called the Jouney to D'zeron  version, because initially I was just going to focus on the chapters between Harris's arrival in Kaar-Taal and their arival in D'zeron , since that part has alot of major holes in it. I now have a much clearer outline for that section than before, but I ahve also gone back and edited mot of the early Newstart chapters, up to the point where Jason and Harris meet, and got a bit better time line for the journey from the HomeStation to The Marrion Jay , which was another very holey section. 

the past few days I have been thinking alot about Jason's relationship to the LDS church, and about his childhood. I am thinking of writing a Nano about his childhood, especially about his time on HomeWorld with Rae . I am also considering book two --allyssa's journey to the Anceint forest---as a Nano, and a few other backstories which need attention. I'm not sure, with homeschool and everything, that I will really have time for a Nano this year. 

for the moment I feel good about not publishing. I do very much want to eventually become a published author, but this story, I jsut want to write it, and the only real advantage of publishing is it makes the time I spend on writing more legitimate in the eyes of others. I don't feel the need for that external legitimacy as I used to. I am the author of this not matter what form it eventualy takes, even iof it exists only in my mind. That's enough for me now. 

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