Life is busy with one daughter expecting a baby in a few weeks and trying to correct the other daughter's IEP, plus many church things related to the new ward building and the temple dedication ceremony. I haven't had time for much creation, but I am still often thinking about it. The world of Paragangia continues to grow in the background, always. Being a creature of dreams it does not need conscious awareness to live and thrive.

My latest media is graphic novel. I am working on a script for a graphic novel based on an older version of destiny of dreams. I've decided my writing style lends itself well to that media, because I can offer thoughts action and words of more than one person at exactly the same time in graphic novel form without slowing down the action much. and to communication powers of both visual and verbal communication are available there.

The draw backs of making a graphic novel are that I don't draw well enough to make something presentable, and drawing takes alot of time because I am so not skilled at it. On the other hand this will be a great opportunity and incentive to practice and increase my drawing skill, and once the skill is mastered I would be able to present stories faster and in a way more appealing to my family.

I'm not sure how long it will be until I actually have time to draw any pictures for it what so ever. SO far I have only a rough draft of the script. next I will make a rough draft of panels, and then a rough draft of page layout. at that point I would have enough information to start working on some art.

Maybe eventually I could find a collaborator to do the art for me. If I had money I could commission the art. But it would be better to aspire to draw the art myself, so I would gain that skill. in the case of this story, increasing my creative skills is worth more than putting the story into a physical form.

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