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Waldo 2006

A mentor and father-figure to young Carston Hawthorn .

In the gift of time series and in the Destiny of Dreams series he is the transport maintanence and repair person on ESM. since in the current version those are paragangian technology why they would have a Terran maintanence guy still needs a creative explanation, but when Waldo was invented Paragangia had not been invented yet,

Also Friendly with Jason during his time on the station, and probably also with Jonathan. Nothing has been yet written about any relationship between Waldo and Jonathan and/or Alexandreil but they would have been around the same age and living at the station at the same time so they surely would have been friends to some degree. Waldo will surely become increasingly an important character as this story evolve.

Harris mentions being on friendly terms with Waldo and knowing Carston when Jason speaks of them after first meeting Harris.

Probably he would have a fairly close relationship with Sen'tran and through that have access to a lot of Paragangian technology. that relationship would extend back to early childhood and might explain why ESM has a Terran transport maintanence person. Sharae's father works with him setting up transport stations at different locations, the same task the ship-community in the story Human Sacrifice were working on, so there could be a connection between Savoy Sr and Waldo or Sharae . [or Savoy Jr depending on when that story ends up being set]