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an Unchosen who befriended Emily Hawthorn as a young child when she lived on HomeWorld .

Wikki then stowed away on her father's aircar and traveled to earth to tell her she was a Chosen one , the heir of Jethar Izeal [various spellings] destined to be the Savior of HomeWorld. at this time he appeared to her in the form of a large cat, a small human and eventually his basic aquatic form.

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Later Dr Hawthorn, under the control of Gaia, tried to use him in the creation of Leviathan. His body became part of Leviathan, but he was able to possess the body of Emily without casting out her spirit, for just long enough to conceive a body for him [with the help of Daniel Stone ] so he could become Emily and Daniel's son Isaiah . [He had also used that name when he appeared in human form earlier]

creation and naming[]

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Wikki was initially created when I was drawing [at a Hayley Soccer game in Topeka] pictures of Emily soon after her creation. Angie suggested she needed to have an animal sidekick, so we drew an aquatic cat-like creature with webbed ears, and a semi-humanoid form of the same creature, and named it Wikki [currently I cannot find the original humanoid picture.

Wikki in human form.jpg

When Wikki first took on a fully human-looking form, because the picture I drew for his human appearance slightly resembled my collaborator at the time Brokenbiskits, and I wanted him to have a biblical name, I named the human form James. Later, however, I renamed him Isaiah because I found it to be a more interesting biblical name and I wanted to allow Brokenbiskits to completely withdraw from this story at that time.

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In the Angel Emily version of the story [written when my collaborator killed Emily without my consent] Wikki in his Angel form had black dragon wings.